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Welcome to Wren Class!

Welcome to Wren Class! Our teacher is Miss Heathcote and our teaching assistants are Mrs Bray (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs Randall (Thursday and Friday). We also have Miss Keen (a student teacher) with us until the end of the school year. We are in Reception and enjoying our first year at school smiley  

Term 6 is here! They do say time flies when you're having fun!


This term we are learning about minibeasts! Our role play area has been turned into a Science Laboratory where the children can come and explore minibeasts, we even have white coats and goggles so the children can look the part.  Each week we will be learning about a different minibeast, during our 'caterpillar' week we will meet our class caterpillars, which will closely observe. We will keep them unitil they have grown, and changed, into butterflies and will then release them into the world! 


We are all looking forward to a busy (buzzy) term ahead!

Welcome back to term 5, we hope you all had an enjoyable Easter holiday. Our new topic is called ‘Once Upon A Time’. The children have chosen this topic and it is based around fairy tales. This term we will be reading lots of stories, focusing on the characters, settings and props. Our role play area has been turned into a castle, this will enable to children to take on different roles, dress up as different characters and introduce a storyline to their play. We will be celebrating the end of our topic with an fairy tale ball! We will be dressing up, ballroom dancing and having a banquet style snack time!


We are all looking forward to an exciting, hopefully sunny, term ahead!

Once Upon A Time

Term 4 - How does your garden grow?

Welcome back to a short but busy term!


This term we will be focusing on growing. Will be looking at signs of Spring and what plants need to grow. We will be planting cress, observing the changes and making egg and cress sandwiches!


The time has come to practise telling jokes/singing/juggling, or whatever your talent might be- Paxfactor is almost here! Paxfactor is our very own talent show that will take place at the end of the term! The children share their talents with their peers and the finalist perform on stage in front of the whole school.


We are looking forward to an exciting term ahead!



Signs of Spring!

Welcome back to term 3! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.


As many of the children will be excited about the new toys they had for Christmas, we are going to be learning all about toys this term! We will start the topic by bringing in our favourite toys, writing about them, drawing them and telling our friends all about them! We will look at toys from the past and will compare them to our own toys. We are also going to visit Trowbridge Museum to take part in their 'Toys and Games' Workshop.

Once again, we are looking forward to an exciting term!

Welcome back smiley

Our topic this term is 'Wrapping Up!' This term we will be learning about the seasons, weather and celebrations, such as Bonfire night, Diwali and Christmas! We will be out and about on welly walks, (making sure we are all wrapped up warm) and we will be exploring different types of weather, focussing on cold and ice.


Christmas will arrive in the classroom in December! Our role play will become Santa’s Workshop where we will be able to wrap up gifts, write lists and make cards. We will be writing and posting our letters to Santa and we will be busy making cards and Christmas crafts.


We are all looking forward to a term filled with sparkles and smiles!


Our topic this term is 'A Colour Carnival!' We are learning all about colours; naming them, mixing them together and singing songs about colour. At the end of term we are going to have a colour carnival and dress up in as many different colours as we can. We are all very excited about our vibrant topic!

Understanding the World workshop

Having fun with our grown ups at our Maths workshop