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Hi, welcome to Woodpecker Class. We are all children in Year 1 and Year 2. Our teacher is called Mrs Shaw and our Teaching Assistant is called Miss Rawson.


       Whizzy Woodpeckers will work wonderfully well! is our class motto.

Do you recognise us?

Our Sukkah

Our Sukkah
A Sukkah is a temporary shelter that the Jews erect for the festival of Tabernacles (or Sukkot)where they remember how God looked after them in the wilderness following their escape from slavery in Egypt.


We sorted 2D and 3D shapes using our own criteria
I made a cuboid out of Clixi
I made a cube out of Clixi
I made a pyramid out of Clixi

The Puzzled Penguin

Learning about our Senses

We used our sense of smell
Do these foods taste sweet, sour, bitter or salty?
We found out that crisps were salty.
I wonder what I am smelling?
We liked the chocolate!

Our Trip to the Museum

Playing Victorian maths games.
Morning Exercises
Learning to sit up straight
We practised walking with a book on our head.
Playing a Victorian marble game

We tasted food from New Zealand

Erupting a volcano!

Ice, Ice Baby!

We made igloos out of marshmallows