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Who's Who

Meet the staff and governors at our school!

Teaching Staff

Mr Farrell - Acting Headteacher
Mrs Charlwood - Acting Deputy Head, SENCO & Y3/4 Teacher
Miss Heathcote - Reception Teacher
Mrs Hughes - Reception Teacher
Mrs Brooks - Reception Teacher
Miss Stephens - Y1 Teacher
Mrs Shaw - Y1/2 Teacher
Mrs Aland - Y1/2 Teacher
Mrs Hurrell - Y3/4 Teacher
Miss Hodge - Y3/4 Teacher
Mrs Sager - Y3/4 Teacher
Mrs Garratt - Y5/6 Teacher
Mrs Young - Y5/6 Teacher
Miss Dale - Y5/6 Teacher

Support Staff

Mrs Randall - TA
Mrs Rose - TA
Mrs Ireland - TA
Mrs Raymond - TA
Mrs Edwards - TA
Mrs Evans - TA
Mrs Larcombe - TA
Miss Bonfield - TA
Mrs Curtis - TA
Mrs Cook - TA
Mrs Hulbert - TA
Mrs Lewis - School Business Manager
Mrs Williams - Parent Support Advisor
Mrs Sturrock - Emotional Learning Support Advisor
Mrs Brown - Admin Assistant
Mrs Day - Admin Assistant
Mrs Gabb - Cashier
Mrs Smith - Cook
Mrs Lockwood - Cook