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Terms of Office

Lee Davey

I joined the governance team at Paxcroft in December 2015 because I wanted to support the school my daughters attend.  Being part of the team at Paxcroft has given me the chance to be involved in lots of aspects of the school, everything from approving spend for new equipment to supporting our recent OFSTED visit.  I took over as Chair in April 2019 and work with teachers and governors to make sure Paxcroft provides a safe, fun, learning environment for staff and pupils."



- Local Authority Governor


- Chair of Full Governing Body


- Member of F&P Committee

September 2019 – July 2023*


September 2019 – July 2020

Rachel Edmunds

“I am a parent governor and mum of three boys, two of whom are at Paxcroft. I am Deputy Headteacher at a local secondary school and a Specialist Leader in Education. I am the DT and pupil premium link governor and have a keen interest in providing the best opportunities for all learners.”

- Parent Governor


- Chair of SCC Committee


- Strategic Planning Working Party

May 2018 – May 2022*


Hollie Dale

“I have been a Governor here for four years and am in my eleventh year of teaching at Paxcroft, currently in year 5/6. The staff and governors work hard to ensure that the children’s time at Paxcroft is happy and purposeful and, as a staff governor, I am particularly interested in how the governors can work alongside and support staff members to ensure that we are always moving forward in the teaching and learning of children at the school”.

- Staff Governor




- Member of SCC Committee


- Literacy Subject Leader


April 2017 – April 2021*

John Farrell

"I am Deputy Head of Paxcroft Primary School and have been on the Governing Body since taking up the post. My main areas of responsibility within the Governing Body are Maths and Pastoral Support. I believe every child at Paxcroft is capable of making excellent learning and behaviour choices and I am excited about the positive approach to behaviour management that we have put in place over the past year."

- Co-opted Governor (Staff – Head)


- Member of all Committees


- Numeracy and Computing Subject Leader
March 2017 – March 2021*

Daren Gale

“What made me become a Governor? When my children started school I was, like many parents, working full time and was therefore unable to drop off or collect them from school and felt that I had little or no connection with part of their lives. By becoming a Governor I feel I now have a connection and understanding of the education they are receiving.”

- Parent Governor


- Chair of F&P Committee


- Member of SCC Committee

March 2017 – March 2021*

Bernie McHale-Jones

“I am in my fourth year as a school governor. I have two children at Paxcroft. I feel passionately that all children should receive an excellent level of education, and that they feel happy and safe at school. I enjoy supporting the school to ensure this happens”. 


- Parent Governor

- Member of SCC Committee
- Link Governor for Literacy and PSHEC

December 2020 - December 2024

Matt Sturrock

“I joined as a Parent Governor in July 2017.   I have a particular interest in SEND and ensuring the curriculum is accessible to all. I am passionate about ensuring that all learners get the most out of their time at Paxcroft. My Child has flourished since moving to Paxcroft School and I wanted to get involved and give something back”.

- Parent Governor


- Member of F&P Committee

July 2017 – July 2021

Louise Allan

“I started as a Governor at the end of my twins' Reception year. Paxcroft has always felt like a positive, nurturing school, and it is good to be able to contribute to its evolution and growth. Whilst promoting attainment by all pupils in the core subjects is key, I also hope to draw upon my background in sport, geography and environmental science to help enrich pupils' broader school experience”. 

- Parent Governor


-  Vice Chair of Full Governing Body


-  Vice Chair of F&P Committee

July 2017 – July 2021

Tim Matthews

“I joined when my son started in reception and now have my daughter here too. II wanted to have an understanding of the schools aims and strategies and to make a positive contribution to achieving them. 

I enjoy the role of supporting the staff as it has given me an appreciation of how fantastic our staff and children are!”

- Parent Governor


- Member of F&P committee

September 2018 – September 2022

Lee Southam

"I've been a parent Governor from September 2018 when my eldest child joined the school, and I have another set to follow in couple of years. I want to contribute to their education and support the school in the fantastic work it does preparing future generations to strive to be the best they can in any and every-way possible”.

- Parent Governor


- Member of F&P Committee

September 2018 – September 2022

Louise Currant

"I became a Governor in December 2019, after my daughter started her Reception year. I know that Paxcroft will give my daughter the very best education and care, and I wanted to give something back to the school in return for this. I am also Head of KS4 English at a Trowbridge secondary school and believe passionately in the power of education to give every child the very best chances and choices in their future. Becoming a Governor allows me to contribute to supporting Paxcroft in providing this future for our children, and helps me to learn more about the great work that primary schools do."

-Member of SCC Committee December 2020 - December 2024

James Ward OBE

I have become a parent governor to play my part in holding the Head Teacher and Senior Leadership Team to account by scrutinising and reviewing their acts, policies, omissions and decisions to ensure the school delivers excellent education in a safe and positive environment to every child.

-Member of SCC Committee December 2020 - December 2024

Martin Cope

I am a parent of two and the grandfather of four. I have a grandson at Paxcroft School. 
I have seen an amazing change in him for the better on his move to Paxcroft. In my past I was a governor at two schools in Trowbridge, one Primary and one Senior School.
My work life experience started in electrical and electronic engineering. In later years
I became a safety engineer covering electrical and electronic test systems. I was also a Union Health and Safety representative. I personally hope to be able to give something back by supporting Paxcroft School and its pupils.

-Member of F&P Committee December 2020 - December 2024


*Have served previous terms of office

Governors stepping down from office in last 12 months:






Term of Office Start Date

Term of Office End Date

Reason for stepping down


Julia Ranger

Local authority     Daughters leaving Paxcroft, and completion of the latest Ofsted cycle, brought a natural close to a long-term commitment as member and Chair

Dan Robles

Parent July 2017 July 2021 Work commitments meant that committing time to the role was difficult

Stephanie Wing

Parent December 2014 December 2018 End of term of office

Attendance at Meetings from September 2018 to June 2019


Name of governor FGB attended F&P attended SCC attended  Total meetings
Lee Davey 4/4 5/6 2/5 11/15
Louise Allan 3/4 6/6 4/5 13/15
Daren Gale 4/4 6/6 5/5 15/15
Matt Sturrock 4/4 3/6 3/5 10/15
Bernie McHale-Jones 3/4 N/A 5/5 8/9
Rachel Edmunds 4/4 N/A 3/5 7/9
Tim Matthews 2/4 6/6 3/5 11/15
Lee Southam 3/4 5/6 2/5 10/15
Julia Ranger* 3/4 4/6 3/5 10/15
John Farrell 3/4 3/6 2/5 8/15
Hollie Dale 4/4 N/A
Ewan Caldwell 4/4 6/6 5/5 9/9
Martin Sandford 1/4 2/6 4/5 7/15
Stephanie Wing* 1/4 N/A 2/5 3/9
Daniella Robles 1/4 N/A 3/5 4/9

*term of office finished part way through academic year/stood down during academic year

Attendance at Meetings from September 2019 to July 2020 


Name of governor FGB attended F&P attended SCC attended  Total meetings
Lee Davey 10/10 3/4 5/5 18/19
Louise Allan 10/10 4/4 5/5 19/19
Daren Gale 9/10 4/4 3/5 16/19
Matt Sturrock 5/10 2/4 3/5 10/19
Bernie McHale-Jones 10/10 1/4 5/5 16/19
Rachel Edmunds 8/10 N/A 5/5 13/15
Tim Matthews 10/10 4/4 2/2 16/16
Lee Southam 8/10 2/4 2/5 12/19
John Farrell 8/10 2/4 4/5 14/19
Hollie Dale 8/10 N/A 5/5 13/15
Ewan Caldwell 10/10 3/4 5/5 18/19
Martin Cope 8/10 N/A 3/5 11/15
James Ward 5/10 N/A 1/5 6/15
Louise Currant 8/10 N/A 3/5 11/15