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WB 15.05.23

This week in year 3/4 we have really focussed on our mental health and practised the different strategies that can help us improve our mental health. We have completed a range of activities, as well as enjoyed concentrating on the simple importance of breathing and taking time to do things that make us feel better and happier. In English, we have been enjoying our descriptive writing unit and been developing our knowledge of writing techniques to help us rival Roald Dahl. In Maths, we have been continuing to learn about fractions and time. We have been grateful for the lovely weather, which has allowed us to appreciate the outdoors and enjoy rounders in PE.

Rounders in the Sunshine

Mental Health Activities

Slime Making and Mindfulness Glitter Jars

Make your own doughy slime...



* 2 cups cornflour

* 1 cup inexpensive hair conditioner

* Food colouring (optional)



Step 1

Mix a couple of drop of food colouring into the hair conditioner, then mix this up.

Step 2 

Add in the cups of cornflour.

Step 3 

Mix, mix mix it altogether. Start with a spoon and then once it begins to come together use your hands.

Add more of the cornflour or conditioner if needs be to get the right consistency.

Step 4