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Term 5 - Keep the Home Fires Burning

 I can't wait to get started on this topic as it is one of my favourites! Our topic this term is called 'Keep the Home Fires Burning' and we will be learning all about life as a child during World War Two.  After exploring when, where and why the war started, we will be focusing mainly on the 'Home Front' - life for civilians in Britain at the time - finding out what effect it had on their everyday lives and how it changed the role of women in society. We will then compare and contrast this to life in other parts of Europe at the time. This is a topic full of fantastic opportunities to empathise and for hands on learning and I know that the children will absolutely love it! Take a look at our Topic Web to find out how we will be covering each of the curriculum areas and keep checking back to see photographic updates of what's been going on in the classroom. 

Make your own Air Raid Shelter

Make Do and Mend - We had to analyse existing fabric products by carefully taking them apart