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Paxcroft Primary School

Term 5

This term:

In English we are looking at the texts:

  • Superworm
  • James and the Giant Peach

We will look at instructions and recounts using the Talk for Writing approach.


In Mathematics:

This term we will all be looking at Multiplication and Division, Time, Money and Fractions. 


Our overall topic this term will be ‘The Seaside’


Foundation Subjects

This term we are covering the subjects; Science, History, Geography, Art, Religious Education (RE), Music, PE, PSHE and Computing. 


In Geography, we will be asking the question ‘What is a seaside?’ We will compare and contrasting different beaches.  Using maps, we will identify different beaches around the UK.


In History, we will compare beaches and piers in the Victorian times with now.


In Science, we will find out about ‘Living things and their Habitats’.


In Art, we will be focusing on making sculptures out of paper.


In RE, we are looking at the question ‘The beginning of the world: what can we learn from special Christian and Jewish stories?’


In Music, we are looking at exploring sounds and performance through the topics of ‘Ourselves’ and ‘Travel’.

In Computing, we are focusing on ‘Digital Music’ and this will involve making rhythms and tunes using digital tools.

In Physical Education (PE), we are looking at bat and ball skills used in the game of cricket  and using ‘Jasmine PE’ we will investigate the ‘Physical’ skill element and focus on sending and receiving skills and the reaction/response skill within a game.

In PSHE, our work will be based around the topic ‘Relationships’.