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Term 4

All 'Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion' - Bristol in the early 18th Century

Term 4  is set to be a very busy term as we head towards Easter as it comprises two themed weeks: book week and Stem Week. We will be starting off the term with a celebration of one of Britain's most famous Playwrights, William Shakespeare. During Book Week we will be taking a look at his play, The Tempest and we have invited in Blue Sky Theatre company to help us re-enact it. From past experience we know this will be a hugely enjoyable experience which will help us gain a thorough understanding of the play. Book week will also include 'Dress-up' day on Friday 4th March where children are encouraged to celebrate books by dressing as their favourite characters.

In Week 3 we will be taking part in STEM week, focusing on science, technology and mathematics. We will be learning through hands-on experiences and problem solving tasks.  We are  really pleased that Clarendon will visit our school and hold a workshop involving a fake poo machine!


Our main  topic learning this term will be  a local history study of Bristol where we will be asking the question, 'How did Bristol make its money?'  Please take a look at the knowledge organiser on Seesaw to see the key information and vocabulary for this unit. 

Clarendon Workshop - testing foods for the presence of starch

The Fake Poo Machine