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Term 4

This term is set to be a very busy term as we head towards Easter.  We will be starting off the term with a celebration of one of Britain's most famous Playwrights, William Shakespeare. During Book Week we will be taking a look at his play, The Tempest and we have invited in Blue Sky Theatre company to help us re-enact it. From past experience we know this will be a hugely enjoyable experience which will help us gain a thorough understanding of the play. Book week will also include 'Dress-up' day on Friday 4th March where children are encouraged to celebrate books by dressing as their favourite characters.

In Week 3 we will be taking part in STEM week, focusing on science, technology and mathematics. We will be learning through hands-on experiences and problem solving tasks. 


Our main learning this term will be local history study of Bristol where we will be asking the question, 'How did Bristol make its money?' Please take a look at the knowledge organiser on Seesaw to see the key information and vocabulary for this unit. 


During STEM week we were lucky to be able to work with students from Clarendon Sixth Form to explore food and digestion. We replicated the digestive system and found out how food travels through our body. We then conducted an investigation using Iodine to find out how much starch was contained in different foods. It was brilliant to work with some our ex-students too! Thank you Clarendon!