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Paxcroft Primary School

Term 3

Term 3 topic - 'I need a Hero!'

This term:


We will be looking at fictional and real life heroes.


In English

We are looking at the books:

Real Super Heroes
We will be continuing our Sounds write journey where we are learning to recognise letter sounds and blend and segment these to read and write words. This term we will be learning that sometimes 2 letters can make 1 sound.


In Mathematics:

This term the children will continue to build on their subitising skills and begin to quickly see the sub-groups within larger numbers using spatial language. This skill will help to deepen the children’s understanding of part–whole relations and allow them to further consider composition (the numbers within numbers). The children will continue to engage with activities that draw attention to the purpose of counting – to find out ‘how many’ objects there are and revisit the concept of cardinality – that the last number in the count tells us how many things there are ALTOGETHER. They will also continue to be provided with opportunities to hear, join in with and develop their knowledge of the counting sequence.