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Term 3

Term 3

This term -

In English we are looking at the books:

  • We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen
  • A Bear's Year by Kathy Duval


In Mathematics:

Year 1's are learning Addition and Subtraction within 20 and Numbers to 50. 

Year 2's are continuing to learn Multiplication and Division. They will also learn Statistics, Length and Height and Properties of Shape.


Foundation Subjects

This term we are covering the subjects, Geography, History (Year 1's) and RE. 

In Geography, we will be learning about the Polar Regions and answering the question What is it like in the Polar Lands?

In History, the year 1's will be learning about 2 significant individuals - Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. 

In RE, we will be learning answering the question - Does praying at regular intervals help a Muslim in everyday life?


We will also spend this term practising for our performance of The Puzzled Penguin. 


Look what we've been up to in Woodpecker Class 


Week 2 -

In  Woodpecker classes this week we have been learning about the Polar lands. The children have found out about where in the world the Arctic and Antarctic are and what animals live there. They also discussed whether any humans live in these cold areas. Woodpecker class have started their music lessons with Mrs Farnell (Kingfisher and Nightingale started in September). We have also begun rehearsing our play ‘The Puzzled Penguin’.



Week 3 -

This week in Woodpecker we have been researching different Polar animals and have written our own fact files. The Year 1’s have learned about the important historical figures Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. The Year 2’s have been rehearsing hard for our drama production.