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Term 3

Term 3

This term -

In English we are looking at the books:

  • We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen
  • A Bear's Year by Kathy Duval


In Mathematics:

Year 1's are learning Addition and Subtraction within 20 and Numbers to 50. 

Year 2's are continuing to learn Multiplication and Division. They will also learn Statistics, Length and Height and Properties of Shape.


Foundation Subjects

This term we are covering the subjects, Geography, History (Year 1's) and RE. 

In Geography, we will be learning about the Polar Regions and answering the question What is it like in the Polar Lands?

In History, the year 1's will be learning about 2 significant individuals - Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. 

In RE, we will be learning answering the question - Does praying at regular intervals help a Muslim in everyday life?


We will also spend this term practising for our performance of The Puzzled Penguin. 


Look what we've been up to in Woodpecker Class 


Week 2 -

In  Woodpecker class this week we have been learning about the Polar lands. The children have found out about where in the world the Arctic and Antarctic are and what animals live there. They also discussed whether any humans live in these cold areas. Woodpecker class have started their music lessons with Mrs Farnell (Kingfisher and Nightingale started in September). We have also begun rehearsing our play ‘The Puzzled Penguin’.



Week 3 -

This week in Woodpecker we have been researching different Polar animals and have written our own fact files. The Year 1’s have learned about the important historical figures Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. The Year 2’s have been rehearsing hard for our drama production.

Week 4 - 

This week in Woodpecker our PSHE focus has been Dreams and Goals. In our classes we set ourselves a challenge to learn ‘The Owl and Pussy Cat’ Poem. We thought about the steps to reach this goal and how we can keep going even when it gets challenging. The children really impressed us with their performance skills, independence and tenacity. They further transferred these skills into their English learning when we have been retelling the story of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ with actions.

Owl and The Pussy Cat Performing

Week 5 - 

This week in Year 1/2 all the children came together to do their first whole key stage rehearsal of our performance. I wonder if you’ve had a sneak preview of the songs? In RE we are exploring the question ‘Does praying at regular intervals help a Muslim in everyday life?’ The children have enjoyed discussing why prayer is important and having a go at the prayer positions. They are really looking forward to our trip to the Mosque. In English, the children wrote the story of ‘Were Going On a Bear Hunt’ and we were impressed at how their writing stamina has improved.

Week 6 -

This week has been Children's Mental Health Week, we have been doing lots of work around growing. We started off by drawing a support balloon, which showed us how many people support us on a day to day basis. We then planted some cress seeds and spoke about how everything grows at its own pace. On Thursday we spent some time relaxing by doing some yoga as well as doing some mindfulness colouring whilst listening to calming music. We finished the week off by reaching for the stars! 

Children's Mental Health Week

Week 6 -

This week has been a very exciting week in year 1/2 because we went on our very first trip to Trowbridge Mosque! The children walked to the Mosque in their classes, learned all about Muslim prayer from Hafizah, heard the Imam recite some of the Qur’an and learned to write their names in Arabic. It was a truly wonderful opportunity and we cannot thank the Muslim community enough for their kindness and generosity. The children were fantastic ambassadors for the school and we would like to thank the parent helpers for coming along to support us. In other news, the classes have been busy making support balloons, practising mindfulness and learning about emotional growth by planting cress seeds for Children’s Mental Health Week.

On Tuesday Woodpecker class went on a local walk to Trowbridge Mosque. We got to see inside in the mosque and learn about where and when Muslims pray. We saw when their prayer times were and looked at a prayer mat. The Imam spoke some words from the Quran to us which was lovely to hear. We then got to see where they wash before prayer. We also wrote our names and they wrote them in Arabic for us.

Look at our ideas we came up with for Safer Internet Day -