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Term 3

This term we are delving into the jungles of Central America to explore the Ancient Mayan Civilisation. We have found out about the 1800's explorers Stephens and Catherwood and imagined we are journeying towards Central America to expose this fascinating civilisation to the world. Throughout the term we will be finding out about their ways of life and their beliefs, creating drawings of the ruins we discover along the way. We will be designing and creating our own Mayan ceremonial masks.

As a class we will be reading the book, The Explorer by Katherine Rundell.


This week we uncovered the city of Palenque and discovered the Tomb of Pakal the Great. Within the tomb, we found his remains along with his death mask, a carved sarcophagus and a series of Mayan hieroglyphics. Take a look at the pictures below and see if you can guess what they mean?

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