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Term 2: 'A Sweet Deal'

'A Sweet Deal'


This term Falcons are becoming entrepreneurs, designing, making and marketing their own chocolate product to sell at the Christmas Fair. They will have to convince our very own 'Dragons' that their product is worth investing in.


We have started off by conducting some very important market research, including taste testing! (see pictures below)


Our truffle and packaging designs were fantastic. We worked hard on our presentation skills and used all the skills we have learned about persuasive writing this term to convince Mrs Young that we should have the chance to pitch our ideas to 'dragons' Mr Caldwell and Mrs Bates. See below for photos of our truffles and pitches.


The topic web can be found below.

Very important market research...!

Our truffles, ready to be tasted and pitched to the 'dragons'!

The first round of pitches to secure investment in our innovative chocolate truffles