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Paxcroft Primary School

Term 2

This term:


In English

We are looking at the books:

  • Supertato 
  • Superworm
  • Superbat
  • Real Superheroes 
  • Doctorsaurus
  • Life Savers: Spend a day with 12 real-life emergency service heroes.
  • A Superhero like you
  • Lucy and Tom's Christmas 
  • Christmasaurus 


We are continuing our Sounds-Write journey where we are learning to recognise letter sounds and blend and segment these to read and write words.

We will also be starting to write words and short phrases using the sounds we already know. 


In Mathematics:

We will continue to work on our careful counting and subitising (recognising a small number of objects without counting). We will be looking at the composition of numbers and the relationship between numbers. We will also be comparing quantities and using language such as ‘more than’, ‘fewer than’ and ‘equal number’. Finally we will finish the term by investigating shape. 



Our Christmas Nativity Play:

We will be working hard on our wonderful Nativity show which will be performed on 12th and 14th December. Everyone will be involved in the performance but not all will have a speaking part. For those that do have speaking parts to learn we will be sending parts home soon and ask if you could please help your child to learn their words. The majority of costumes we provide for the children so there is no need to worry about getting one. If we require you to provide anything we will let you know in plenty of time.




Look what we've been up to in Owls Class 

Week 1 - 

This week in Owls we’ve practised putting on the ‘puddle suits’ and wellies before we play in the mud kitchen. We even had a demonstration from Miss Butterfield who put on a puddle suit and told us what happens to our socks if we take our shoes off before we find our wellies! We all showed our school learner value ‘resilience’ whilst putting on the suits.

We have also enjoyed watching the hail storm through the window on Wednesday and created firework pictures using a tapping and flicking technique which has supported our fine motor skills.

Week 2 - 

This week in Owls we have had great fun continuing with our superhero topic. In Literacy, we have read the story ‘Superworm’ and worked hard on writing a sentence to describe him.  In Maths, we have been comparing objects using the language, more and less. We had great fun yesterday using our maths skills in investigation to make a repeating pattern with natural objects. In our outdoor provision we have had great fun making superhero obstacle courses.

Week 3 - 

This week in Owls, we have been learning to write simple sentences using our initial sounds in literacy relating to the story ‘Superbat’. In maths, we have been learning to recognise what makes a part of a whole. We have been enjoying creating our own patterns and pictures with the ‘tap a shape’ in our continuous provision to support the development of our fine motor and maths skills. The children have been enjoying small word role-play using superhero puppets and a secret superhero hideaway. We are not sure whether to mention it yet…but we have also started practising our nativity songs so don’t be surprised if all you adults know the words and actions to ‘twinkly nativity’ by the end of November! The children have been doing a fantastic job learning the actions and words so far!

Week 4 -

It has been a busy week in Owls with children exploring real life superheroes and answering the questions ‘who are the people who help us?’ and ‘what makes a real life superhero?’ in our knowledge and understanding of the world. We have also explored real life superheroes in our continuous provision with a fire at the fire station in our small world and a ‘hairdressing station’ where children have been practising their fine motor skills ‘containing the fire’ and ‘twisting and plaiting hair’. In literacy, we have been writing letters to Santa using our initial sounds ready for our walk to the post box next week. In maths, we have been comprising and de-comprising the number four (we’ve been pretty good at this!) and we’ve enjoyed making our own superhero cities with the numicon.

Week 5- 

It has been all about Christmas this week in Owls and we have really enjoyed practising our nativity. Most of all we are excited about our costumes. We also made the trek to the post box on Wednesday to send our letters off to Santa. The children did a fantastic job of following instructions and fabulous walking and we have to say a huge thank you to the parents that came to help us. Outside children have enjoyed making a water slide out of drainpipes and our new stands (thank you, Mrs Rhodes!) Inside we have been hunting for our initial sounds in the rice and practising sounds. It is not quite all about Christmas yet though as we have still been completing topic work on superheroes. In literacy the children have been focusing on the story ‘Doctorsaurus’ and have been writing a sentence about a chosen character from the book. Well done Owls, what a fantastic week!

Week 6 -

This week in Owls we’ve been enjoying expressing ourselves with Christmas music and creating Santa collages in our ‘make and do’ area. The children have really enjoyed our Christmas-themed classroom and dressing up in Christmas hats in our role play are.

Whilst we’re on the subject of dressing up, the children have tried on their nativity costumes as we’ve been continuing with our nativity practise this week and all we can say is…prepare to be dazzled!

In literacy we’ve been continuing with real-life heroes and the important jobs they do and in maths the children have been exploring shape.