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Term 2

Curriculum Letter Term 2

We are already into term 2 and have kicked things off with an entrepreneurial project called Lions Roar 2022. The children have worked in groups to design and make an invention in response to a problem they have identified in the world. These have ranged from inventions to tackle litter to designs which encourage young children to combat boredom and find ways to occupy themselves without using a device. The best presentation will be recorded and entered into a National final in December. 

We will then be starting our main technology unit using textiles. The children will be learning joining techniques in order to make a stuffed toy. 

Later in the term we will be exploring animals and their habitats in our science unit. We will be investigating life cycles of different plants and animals and researching significant figures who have contributed to scientific discovery including Jane Goodall and David Attenborough. 

This was our first Outdoor Learning Day, working alongside Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. As well as honing our forest school skills with den building and bug hunting, we also worked in groups to build a ‘Tip Tap’ – a simple but effective structure to wash hands. We had to lash canes together to create a structure and think about how we could tip the water container using a foot peddle. It was great fun and brilliant to see the children using different sets of skills.  

The children enjoyed investigating which animals, insects and other creatures live in the Memorial Garden area. Dexter was lucky enough to find a small newt!

Outdoor Learning Day