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Paxcroft Primary School

Term 2

Term 2 - 

This term:

In English

we are looking at the book:

  •  ‘The Ugly Duckling'

We will be looking at story writing, poetry and non-fiction texts. 


In Mathematics:

Year 1's are learning Place Value to 10, Addition and Subtraction to 10 and Shape 

Year 2’s are learning Numbers to 100, Addition and Subtraction up to 100 and Shape


Foundation Subjects

This term we are covering the subjects, History, DT and Religious Education (RE), Music, PE, PSHE and Computing. 


In History, we are completing two units of work: The first one is entitled, ‘Who is Guy Fawkes and why do we remember him?’ and the second unit is entitled, ‘How have toys changed over time?’

In Design Technology (DT), we are looking at the question, ‘Where does food come from?’ and thinking about healthy dishes.

In RE, we are investigating the question ‘Why do we celebrate special times in particular, Christmas?’

In Music, we are looking at the musical elements of Timbre and Texture as we explore descriptive sounds and developing a sense of beat using our own bodies.

In Computing, we are looking at staying safe online and recognising why we use technology.

In Physical Education (PE), we are looking at Dance based on Food and Playground games as well as continuing to develop our basic movement skills.

In PSHE, our work will be based around ‘Celebrating Differences’.

Term 2 Curriculum Letter