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Term 2

This term will have an art and a science focus. We will be starting off by looking at the work of British architect Zaha Hadid and developing our drawing skills by focusing on  geometric shapes, line and tone. We will then be moving on to our science unit which is looking at Light.  We will be finding out about how we see and exploring reflection and refraction including looking at the colour spectrum.    In December we have booked the Explorer Dome to visit  us so that the children will be able to explore the concept of light in more detail. More information will go out about this in the coming weeks. 

WB 6.12.21

  • The Explorer Dome will be visiting school on Tuesday 7th of December. Children will have an interesting workshop on Light. 
  • European Day will be celebrated on Tuesday too, with the kitchen serving up a  great Greek-inspired menu. 
  • Friday is Panto day (oh no, it's not!) Snow White at the Hippodrome. Please remember your packed lunch.



WB 29-11-21

  • Friday 3rd December is  a special non-school uniform day to raise funds for children with Type 1 Diabetes. A parent mail has gone out with further details about this event. 
  • Forest School will be held on Thursday the 2nd December instead of  Tuesday 30th November. 

WB 22-11-21

  • Group 2 will be taking part in Bikeability on Monday and Tuesday. Don't forget your bikes and helmets!
  • Black History  Learning Assembly  to be held in School.  

WB 15-11-21

  • This week is Anti Bullying Week. We will be exploring what this means in class.
  • Group 1 will be taking part in Bikeability on Thursday and Friday- Don't forget your bikes and helmets.
  • Our Youth Parliamentarians will be meeting on Wednesday for their second meeting of the year. 

WB 8-11-21

  • School council are meeting this week to discuss ideas for Children in Need
  • Friday is Children In Need!

On Tuesday 7th December, the Explorer Dome came to Paxcroft. The children were wowed by the amazing workshop on light.  We started by proving that light travels in straight lines  and identifying light sources. We then went on to  see how beams of light can be redirected. We then experimented with the primary colours of light, finishing up with multicoloured shadows. All in all, it was an amazing workshop.

During Term 2 we have investigated the work of inspirational British Architect Zaha Hadid. We have developed our drawing techniques so we can show texture of different materials such as wood, marble and bricks. We have also learned about the Abstract Artists who were sources of inspiration to Zaha Hadid, namely Kandinsky and Malevich. Finally, we have tried to create our own design for a building, using biomimicry and elements of Zaha Hadid's style. 

we hope you enjoy looking at some of our work shown below.