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Term 1

Our units of work this term are centred on two main areas of learning. In our first Topic “They Made a Difference” we will be investigating British Culture and Values and the lives of inspirational individuals who have helped to change and shape our society. We will be investigating the development of Democracy and Universal Suffrage as well as the struggle for racial and gender equality. We will also be discussing issues the children feel passionately about and what they might take a stand on. We shall then be directing our learning towards a science unit where we will investigate Evolution and Inheritance.

In Maths, our first topic will be place value as this underpins arithmetic. We will then move on to Addition and subtraction. Our work in English and Guided Reading will be based on The boy at the back of the classroom by Onjalie Rauf and The Arrival by Shaun Tan.


I have provided a link below to a place value game in which children can practise place value of numbers to one million. Activities include writing numbers in expanded form as well as recognising and matching large numbers in words and numerals. 

The link 'Place Value Chart' provides both charts and place value games for smaller numbers as well as decimals.