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The children came back to school this week to an invasion of Superheroes! Mrs Rhodes asked the children to help her to hunt down the Superheroes and tell her their names. The children have had a super try at writing labels for them all.  We have Superhero headquarters in our role play areas this term and the children are enjoying dressing up and becoming their own Superheroes, inventing names and super powers. In Maths, we have been developing our knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes.


This week the children have had great fun inventing their own super hero passports. They have decided on their name, what they look like and what super power they have! We have been impressed with the children’s writing. We can really see the children starting to use the skills they have been developing in our Sounds Write sessions. The children have also been investigating the super powers of magnetism and freezing in their independent learning. They were very excited to help free the toys that had been frozen.  In Maths, we have continued to develop our understanding of patterns we can see when looking at groups of spots up to 5.


This week in Robin and Wren class the children have been investigating materials that would make a great cape for a Superhero. We looked at a range of materials and discussed whether it would be good for a cape. The children decided paper would not work in the rain, foil would break too easily and plastic would be too noisy, they wouldn’t be able to creep up on baddies! The children decided that a light material would work best as it would fly behind them. In English, we have been finishing our Superhero passports thinking about what they would wear and in Maths we have been learning one more than.


Monday morning Robin and Wren class arrived to mysterious footprints in the class. The children soon realised that Gerry Cat was missing! The children were all very keen to make missing posters to help find Gerry. The children became detectives in the class using magnifying glasses to look for clues and worked as teams to try and work out where he had gone. Even Jennie Jigsaw was looking for him! On Thursday the children came back from lunch to find a clue to where he could be. The children followed a trail of clues and finally found him safe in the library. 



This week we have been looking at the book ‘Supertato’. The children have been thinking about adjectives to descibe him and have had a go at writing a sentence using the conjunction ‘and’. The children have completed a phonic assessment this week and we have been super proud at how well the children have done and the progress they are making. Keep reading and practising your word building at home! In Maths we have been singing the rhyme ‘7 little men in a flying saucer’ and looking at the composition of 6 and 7. We have been using sentence stems such as 5 and 2 makes 7, 4 and 3 makes 7. 


This week we have been thinking about real life superheros. We have shared a book called ‘Real Superhero’s and talked about important people who help us in our community. We have enjoyed dressing up as real superheros and using our imagination to take on different roles outside. We have been comparing groups in Maths and have learnt to use some new vocabulary such as ‘more than’, ‘fewer than’ and ‘equal to’. To end our topic we celebrated with a party! We dressed up, played games and danced. We even took part in a small parade around the hall. It was great to see everyone’s wonderful costumes!