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This week Robin and Wren class have been exploring how we celebrate birthdays through the story ‘Kippers birthday’. The children have shared what they do on their special day and noticed how we all celebrate differently. The children have enjoyed making and writing cards independently and have been exploring writing lists in their focussed writing. It has been great to see the children inspired to write! In Maths we have been continuing to develop our understanding of the composition of number; how an amount can be split into smaller amounts i.e 3 = 2+1 or 1+2. We have also started going in to the hall to rehearse our Nativity. The children have really impressed us with many of the children already knowing their lines. You are in for a real treat in a few weeks!


This week Robin and Wren class have been thinking about friendship. We have talked a lot about the Paxcroft value, kindness and celebrated the kind things that we do for each other in school. We have drawn pictures of our friends and written about what we like about them! We have enjoyed making cards and sending them to each other. In Maths we have been exploring the meaning of ‘whole’ and ‘part’. We had to work together to put the different parts of Mr Potato head back together to make him whole again! We have carried on learning our songs for the Nativity performance, we are really getting to know the songs now and can’t wait to perform on stage soon!



This week Robin and Wren class have had a lovely week learning all about Diwali, the Festival of Lights. We have made some salt dough Diya lamps and investigated making Rangoli patterns.  We have also learnt about Remembrance Day and coloured our own Poppies. The children are making super progress with their sound knowledge during Sounds Write and are really trying hard to blend and segment. Look out for this week’s new sounds and words coming home. In Literacy the children have been writing Diwali cards to their friends and family and in Maths we have been identifying ‘more than’, ‘equal number’ and ‘fewer than’.



The children have all come back to school with a positive learning attitude and keen to participate. we have had a great week learning all about Bonfire night. We have sung songs, made firework pictures, learnt about Guy Fawkes and talked about fire safety. In Literacy,  the children have continued to work on recognising and writing their names, focussing on the correct letter formation and in Maths we have been developing our understanding of the number 5.