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Youth Parliamentarians

The Trowbridge Youth Parliament is a student body representative of the majority of schools within the Trowbridge cluster area. The group work together, using democratic processes to identify issues that are important to them, finding ways to address challenges and play a role in improving their local community. 

We are proud to have two Youth Parliamentarians who participate in meetings and help to lead local community projects.

Our Youth Paliamentarians

Youth Parliament Meeting - WB 13.03.23

This week our Youth Parliamentarians, Nadya and Hollie, attended a meeting at The Mead School.  They wrote the following report.  

We had two guests called Gavin and Andrew, who spoke about what they do. Gavin was a part of Julian House homeless charity. We all discussed our ideas and put them into one.  We came up with the idea of a ‘Heroes and Villans’ charity fun run in Trowbridge Park, more details to follow. Then we had refreshments and had a vote to see if we should do the fun run and everyone voted ‘yes’.  We now have to come up with an idea for a stall in the park for the day of the fun run.