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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!

Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Lou Rhodes


  • Mr Alex George

    Deputy Headteacher

  • Mrs Kate Lilley


  • Mr Paul Batchelor

    Consultant Leader: Inclusion

  • Miss Amy Stephens

    Early Years Lead and Class Teacher

  • Ms Kate Butterfield

    Reception Class Teacher

  • Miss Liz Hoskins

    Reception Intervention Teacher

  • Miss Vanessa Beaven

    Phonics Lead and Y1/2 Class Teacher

  • Mr Malachi Benjamin

    Y1/2 Class Teacher

  • Miss Rosie Granger

    Y1/2 Class Teacher

  • Mrs Sarah Aland

    Senior Mental Health Lead and Y3/4 Class Teacher

  • Miss Ella Parkes

    Y3/4 Class Teacher

  • Miss Emma Wyatt

    Y3/4 Class Teacher

  • Miss Kara Westlake

    Y5/6 Class Teacher

  • Miss Lucy Spratt

    Y5/6 Class Teacher

Support Staff

  • Mr Jon Langlois

    School Business Manager

  • Mrs Allie Brown

    Office Manager

  • Mr Paul Beety

    Site Manager

  • Mrs Emily Pepler

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Y5/6

  • Mrs Laura Edwards

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Y5/6

  • Miss Gemma Bonfield

    Teaching Assistant - Reception

  • Mrs Linsey Williams

    Teaching Assistant - Y1/2

  • Mrs Becky Newbury

    Teaching Assistant - Y1/2

  • Miss Amanda Court

    Teaching Assistant - Y1/2

  • Miss Nik Shaw

    Teaching Assistant - Y3/4

  • Mrs Leila Gunning

    Teaching Assistant - Y3/4

  • Mrs Ali Frost

    Teaching Assistant - Y3/4 & librarian

  • Mrs June Cook

    Teaching Assistant - Y5/6

  • Miss Rebecca Kellow

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Carolyn Gabb


  • Mrs Lisa Flenley

    Admin Assistant

  • Mrs Kayley Hillman

    Finance Assistant

  • Miss Theresa Collett

    School Cook

  • Mrs Paula Lockwood

    Assistant Cook

Pastoral Support Team

  • Mrs Jackie Evans

    Pastoral Support Advisor

  • Mrs Maggie Williams

    Parent Support Advisor

  • Ms Lisa Weeks

    Emotional Literacy Support Assistant