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Term 6

This term:

In English we are looking at the text:

  • Dogger

We will look at narrative using the Talk for Writing approach and concentrate in more detail on grammar and punctuation.

In Mathematics:

This term we will all be looking at Measures. These are Capacity and Volume and Weight and Mass.

Year 2- Statistics and consolidation.

Year 1- Addition and subtraction to 20, Place Value to 50 and 100. 

Our overall topic this term will continue to be ‘The Seaside’

Foundation Subjects:

This term we are covering the subjects; Science, Geography, DT, Religious Education (RE), Music, PE, PSHE and Computing. 

In Geography, we will be identifying some seaside towns and developing our knowledge of the countries that are part of the United Kingdom and their capital cities.

In Science, we will continue our work around ‘Living things and their Habitats’.

In D.T, we are looking mechanisms and will be exploring linkages to create a moving monster.

In RE, we are looking at the question ‘Why is God important for Muslims?’

In Music, we are looking at exploring sounds and performance through the topics of ‘Seasons’ and ‘Animals’.

In Computing, we are focusing on ‘Pictograms’

In Physical Education (PE), we are looking at Athletic skills such as running, jumping and throwing and preparing for Sports Day.

In PSHE, our work will be based around the topic ‘Changing Me’.

Week 1

In Nightingale this week we have been reading our new text ‘Dogger’ by Shirley Hughes.  The children have been retelling the story, using a story map with actions. In Maths, we have been exploring measure and reading scales. The children had a great time comparing the mass of items using the scales and we took full advantage of the sunshine to explore volume and capacity of containers outside in the water. In Design and Technology, we have started our unit about Mechanisms, looking closely at pulleys, levers, gears and linkages. This term we will be making our very own moving monster so watch this space!

Week 2

In Year 1/2 this week we have been focusing on writing story openers and looking at these in relation to our two class texts; James and the Giant Peach and Dogger. In Computing, we have been exploring Tally Charts and Pictograms and have learned how to interpret data and create our own Pictograms. During R.E. Day, we have been learning about Islam and we wrote questions for some incredible Year 3/4 children, who very kindly shared their experiences following the Muslim faith.

Week 3

In Nightingale this week, we have been focusing on writing character and setting descriptions using expanded noun phrases. The children have really impressed us with their choice of powerful adjectives! In Science, we have been exploring nutrition and what this means for living things. We looked at the diets of different animals to understand what a Carnivore, Herbivore and an Omnivore is. Finally, we used our knowledge to create food chains, recognising that each food chain begins with a Producer – a Living thing that creates its own food source.

Week 4

In Nightingale this week we have been very busy indeed. In Maths, we have been exploring numbers to 100 and have been Maths detectives to find the clues in the problems which tell us what operations to use. In Design and Technology, we have continued to develop our knowledge of linkages and have started to construct our ‘Moving Monsters’.

Week 5

In Nightingale this week, the children have been busy practising for Sports Day, completing running race heats, relay baton handling and finessing their throwing skills! Tuesday was an important day in the diary – Move Up Day. This was the first of two sessions where the children spent time with their new teacher and friends in their new class. We are extremely proud of the resilience and positivity displayed by each and every one of the children and although there were a few nerves, they were soon replaced with excitement for September. We also enjoyed finished off our Moving Monsters in DT.

Week 6

In Nightingale this week we have been showing wonderful resilience! At the start of the week, we adapted to a new Sports Day format and all participated with smiles and enthusiasm. Following this, we had a fabulous morning visiting our new class again and are all feeling excited for September. Finally, we have finished the week with a grand adventure to Bristol Aquarium. The children were mesmerised by the Ocean creatures and had a truly, incredible time. Time for some well-earned rest this weekend!

Week 6

In Nightingale this week, we have had the pleasure of welcoming Active Trowbridge who very kindly led a sports workshop. They had a wonderful time playing Dodgeball and Ultimate Frisbee and learned many new skills. We have been so proud of all of their achievements this year and wish you all a happy and restful summer.