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School Values

Paxcroft Primary School Learners' and Citizenship Values

Working in partnership with parents and carers, we seek to nurture happy, kind, honest and respectful children who are motivated to give their very best in whatever they do. We have chosen three core values - kindness, honesty and respect - which we believe are important in order to be a good person who contributes positively to society. These are the Paxcroft Citizen Values.

In addition, we aim to inspire children to develop inquisitive and imaginative minds and a lifelong love of learning. We focus on equipping children with the skills needed to become positive, independent, resilient learners who are not afraid to take a risk and who see failure as an opportunity to learn. We have worked with the children to develop three Paxcroft Learners’ Values positivity, independence and resilience - which are vital elements in becoming a successful learner.

We also learn about British Values, the beliefs and values that underpin British society, and learn how these connect to our school values. These values are democracythe rule of lawindividual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance