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During Key Stage 1 the children build on their natural enthusiasm for movement, using it to explore and learn about their world.  They start to work and play with other pupils in pairs and small groups.  By watching, listening and experimenting, they develop their skills in movement and coordination and enjoy expressing and challenging themselves in a variety of situations.  They are introduced to a variety of games, both individual and team based.

During Key Stage 2 children deepen their learning in the areas of gymnastics, dance, athletics, invasion and field games.  We focus on developing enjoyment of physical exercise and ambition to improve skills. 

We use competition to motivate children and as a learning experience in itself.  Learning to work in a team and to deal with success and failure at sport is vital.

Key Stage 2 children receive lessons in core skills from their class teachers, games lessons from external coaches employed by the school and, in years 3 and 5, swim weekly, aiming to meet the national standard of swimming 25m with a recognisable stroke before leaving primary school. These lessons take place at the Bradford upon Avon pool.

In the last five years we have had 5 sports teams in County Finals and many more have achieved success at the Area or Trowbridge levels.  We run teams in Football, Cricket, Rugby, Swimming, Netball, Gymnastics, Cross

Country and Athletics; these are either gender neutral or, when the competition exists to allow this, we have separate girls and boys teams in order to widen participation.