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Day 3

How are we on the last day already?! The children are very enthusiastic for another day of exploring, despite being a little more reluctant to wake up this morning! We started the morning by waking up the birthday boy Ethan. We hope he has a lovely day at Braeside and enjoys his celebrations into the weekend. 

Birthday Boy!

We've begun the morning with another lovely breakfast in the dining hall. We were amazed by some of the children's appetites. Freddy managed 4 pieces of toast and a croissant! We then began packing up our rooms and the children were put in charge of stripping the beds (a job they can now do at home for you all!). After we vacated our rooms, the children then went to the Braeside shop to buy some goodies with their pennies. 

This afternoon, the children have continued to enjoy the activities in the beautiful sunshine! We have had lots of laughs and smiles. The children have impressed us with their kindness towards each other, especially when facing challenges. So many children have been very encouraging of their friends, ensuring they feel safe and supported. Every single child has been positive and enthusiastic and we will be sad to come home! We are enjoying lunch and will be setting off for school this afternoon. 

***All children will be able to be collected from the hall between 3:00- 3:15pm ****

Please reiterate to your children how proud we are of them all. It has been so lovely to see the children thrive in a different environment and we hope you continue to praise this at home.