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Dear Parents and Carers, 

Firstly, welcome back to the final term of the year, We hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing Spring holiday. Our final topic of the year is The Victorians, which the children will find fun and engaging we hope. 

To support your child with this topic you could visit the library to do some research or visit the Civic Centre and complete the Trowbridge Town trail - there are lots of Victorian buildings in the town centre. 

 You and your child may find the following web links of interest.


Next week, we look forward to taking the children down to Trowbridge Museum for a Victorian Day. Please could children bring  in  a Victorian costume  if possible?( I did notice that the Children's Hospice Charity shop in town has a poster in the window offering help with Victorian school day costumes.)

Please find below links to our topic web, curriculum letter and homework letter, which will give you more information about our curriculum coverage.  Homework projects will be due in on July 16th 

Best regards 

Mrs Sager, Mrs Larcombe and Mrs Edwards


                                                                                                                 March 2018


Dear Parents and Carers, 

This has been another great and varied  term for Housemartin class. We have had lots of fun learning about Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and the workshop was very engaging and entertaining.   We were lucky to have a  Jewish visitor, Iris Segall, from the West Wilts Interfaith Group who helped the children have a greater understanding of  the Jewish faith. 

The children have worked hard to learn all their lines and the songs for Dragon Days and we hope you enjoyed watching them perfom. As is customary, Mr Caldwell awarded all the children a Headteacher's Award for their production and I have given all Housemartin Class a Merit for their excellent work. 

If you click on the link below you can enjoy seeing some of the action photos that Mrs Jones took during our performance. 

Thank you, too, for supporting  the children with their homework. Once again, they have been enterprising and creative. 

We wish you all a fabulous Easter Break and hope that you all have a wonderful holiday. 

Look forward to seeing you all next term

with best wishes 

Mrs Sager


Dear Parents and Carers,

We've just returned from a fantastic day as Vikings at Oxenwood. We were met at the gate by Edgar the Viking, who greeted us in old Norse. He then escorted us to meet Guthrun, the King. The children then swore an oath of loyalty to Guthrun, who, in turn, pledged to reward his subjects with gold, jewels, land and more. (The new loyal subjects all created their own torque bracelets out of real gold!) We had a lot of fun learning how to march and fight as Vikings would have done. Our training culminated with a re-enactment of the battle 'Vikings versus Saxons' in the kingdom of  Wessex, which took place at Edington, near Westbury. Alfred the Great was successful and he succeeded in driving out the invader until his normandy  relatives returned....but that 's another story as they say.

Unfortunately, we also had to bury an honourable warrior at sea as he deserved to go to Valhalla and be feted by the Gods. 


I would just like to add  how impressed we were with all the children. They displayed excellent knowledge of the topic  studied so far and were thoroughly engaged with all the activities. 

This has been an incredibly enriching day and I am sure the children will have been full of enthusiasm telling you all about it. 

Mrs Sager, Mrs Aland, Mrs Larcombe, Mrs Edwards and Mrs Prince.


Click on the link above to see some photos of the day

Welcome back to all our Housemartins and we hope you had a good Christmas break. May we take this opportunity to wish you all a  very Happy New Year.

Our new topic for terms 3 and 4  focuses on Invaders and Settlers - the Vikings and is called Dragon Days. Work will be based around Vikings and the book ‘How to Train Your Dragon’.  The topic will culminate in the Year 3/4 performance of Dragon Days at the end of Term 4.  Auditions, for Year 4 actors, will be held at the end of Term 3.   Please see the attached Topic Web for more information. 


To support your child with this topic you could visit the library or look at the following websites......

 Later on in the term  we will be having a "Stem Week ", which will include activities based on Science, Technology Engineering and Maths. If you work in these fields and would be willing and able to come in and talk to the class about your work, please come in and see me so we could arrange this. 

Best regards 

Mrs Sager and Mrs Larcombe

Mrs Raymond and Mrs Edwards

ps - we are still walking to Australia - we've now covered approximately 3000 KM - so there's still quite a way to go!

Science - Sound

Housemartins are really enjoying their new unit of work in Science - Sound. Last week  we were investigating how different instruments make sound. This week we have been looking at how sound  vibrations  travel .... 

We struck tuning forks and saw how we could make water bubble and splash. We also made grains of rice jump on drums and tambourines. Ask your child to explain how this works!

Sound Pictures - Water splashes and jumping rice

Mindful Mandalas

Maths Term 2

Braeside 2017

Day 2 Food For Thought- plan lunch then buy it at the market


Friday at Braeside

Welcome to Housemartins!

We hope you have all  had  great holiday.

 Mrs Larcombe and I have been really impressed with the way that Housemartins have settled back in. Our first topic is called Kangaroos and Didgeridoos and is inspired by the book "Because of Jackson" by Dick King-Smith.  This is a great story about two ambitious rabbits who follow their dreams to travel to a distant land, Australia.We will be learning a lot about Australia and Aboriginal Culture as well as reading stories by Dick King-Smith, a significant children's author. We have planned lots of exciting learning activities around our topic and the children are really fired up. We have set ourselves a challenge too, to walk to Australia! So far, we have covered just under 1000km! 

Please see topic web and curriculum letter below for further details about our topic and learning. Also, there is a home learning letter, suggesting ways  that parents might like to help support learning.

Some ideas listed include making your own didgeridoo or boomerang.

Please see home learning letter for more suggestions. 


This term, too, year 4s have all the excitement of going to Braeside.  This is an amazing trip and we are all looking forward to the residential visit. 

best regards 

Mrs A Sager and Mrs S Larcombe