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Departure of the Hunt

Welcome back! This term our topic is titled 'Departure of the Hunt'we have visited this tapestry at Longleat House and are learning how tapestries are made as well as exploring views on hunting. Our science topic this term is the human body; we have already learnt about nutrition and now we are going to learn about the skeleton and digestive system.

Yesterday we learnt all about the digestive system. We mimicked the system using bread, water, orange juice and sandwich bags. We had lots of fun and learned what each step of the digestive system did in order to break down our food. 

We made mythical maths games!

Extreme Earth!

This term our topic is called Extreme Earth. Each week we will be learning about a different way the Earth can be extreme from earthquakes to tornadoes. 

Making earthquake resistant buildings.

The Romans!

Welcome back! This term our topic is centered around our play 'The Romans'. Not only will we be working towards a fantastic performance but we will be learning about chariot racing, designing our own Roman villa, making a mosaic, learning about how the Romans kept clean and understanding how a Roman army was formed and managed. This is sure to be a super busy term not only with our play but also with book week, science week and PaxFactor included as well!

World Book Day

This term our topic title is 'How does your garden grow?' we are growing daffodil bulbs to raise money for Marie Curie cancer care charity. We will also be learning about what plants need to grow and the life cycle of a flower. On Friday 16th January we will be visiting Palmer's Garden Centre for a talk and tour.

This term our topic title is 'Prehistoric Rock and Roll' we are learning all about life in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. 


We look forward to seeing you this Friday 12th December for our class assembly at 2.30pm. 

Welcome to Housemartin class! We have already settled down to our first topic which is 'pilots, potions and peaches' and everything Roald Dahl.