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Day 3

It is our final day, we can't believe how quickly time has gone. They do say time flies when you're having fun!


As I am sure you're all dying to know, the children were woken up with a combination of The Greatest Showman and Baby Shark. The children were slightly less shocked this time round and really got into the groove of things. To begin our morning, the children had to strip their beds before breakfast. Most children did this successfully, although as always, there were a few who put EVERYTHING from their beds outside in piles, including duvets and pillows. However, in all fairness, the duvet and pillows were stripped of their sheets. 


We then had a good solid breakfast to set us up for the day ahead. Then we returned back to our rooms and packed everything up. Overall, bathrooms and bedrooms were pretty well cleared. The infamous odd sock and pair of pants were scattered around, but we would expect nothing less!


Everyone wrapped up ready for their activities, which was whatever activities they hadn't done the previous day. The children continued to wow us with their brilliant resilience. The amount of children conquering their fears and challenging themselves was just wonderful to watch. So many of the children expressed their desire to stay longer and beamed about what they had achieved during their visit. 


After an active morning, lunch was calling. Finally, as we started to get ready to depart home, we had just enough time to visit the gift shop! Sadly, it was then time to head home. We thanked the amazing instructors and made our way onto the coach. The coach was definitely quieter on the return home, due to the children's level of tiredness, but you could still hear the children happily reminiscing about their time away.  


We just want to say a massive WELL DONE to all of the Year 4s, you should all be so proud of yourselves - we know we are!