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Day 2

What a fun filled, busy and slightly soggy day we have had! 


We all managed to get some sleep last night and the children were able to get themselves settled pretty well. 

The children were awoken by the adults this morning with nothing other than a bit of High School Musical to get them up and going. We had some less than impressed children, but overall our reception was a positive one. Therefore, we plan on a similar awakening tomorrow - stay tuned to find out our music choice.


The day started with plenty of tasty food for breakfast. The children surprised us with their impressive appetites. The adults then checked the rooms for tidiness to decide who would be rewarded with Henry the sloth and Ivy the donkey. Some points were deducted from some rooms for waking up adults in the night. 

Our winners were Honeysuckle and Chestnut - well done to the children who were staying in these rooms!


We then got ourselves ready for the busy day ahead. 


The children completed a combination of the following activities:

- The climbing wall and zip line

- Crate stacking

- Problem solving

- Low Ropes

- Lifeline 


The children were incredible and showed off their school values throughout the day. We would also like to say how impressed we were with the children for be so resilient and taking on all challenges. What they were all able to achieve was fantastic and we are super proud of all of them. In addition to this, they were brilliant at not complaining too much about the weather, which also showed off their positive attitudes. 


We came down for dinner, which was sausage and chips or jacket potatoes. The children had worked up quite the appetite and both main and pudding were demolished! 


We then got ourselves wrapped up for our campfire. Both Mrs Gunning and Mr George led this activity. We had lots of campfire songs and chants going as we sat and warmed ourselves by the fire. 

Due the smell of us all after this, we came back and had warm showers and then settled down into bed. The children were very much ready for their beds this evening and were quick to settle.


What a smashing second day, we can't believe we have to leave tomorrow!

Best Rooms - Honeysuckle and Chestnut