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Welcome back to all our Housemartins and we hope you had a good Half Term Break.

Firstly, a big thank you for all your Australian Homework projects. 

Our new topic focuses on Invaders and Settlers - the Anglo Saxons.  Later in November we will be having a "Health and Wellbeing Week ", which is designed to get the children thinking about the various aspects of health, fitness and general wellbeing.  This event will be launched by an exciting visitor, who will also work with all of the individual classes. We will also revisit E-safety  and remind children how to keep themselves safe online. In November, too, we will be holding another Curriculum Information evening, the focus this time being on Maths. 

In December  we have the wonderful pantomime to look forward to, as well as all the other seasonal fun.

We are looking forward to an interesting and busy term of learning.Please find below more detailed curriculum information  for term 2 as well as the extended homework suggestions.  

Best regards 

Mrs Sager and Mrs Larcombe

Mrs Raymond and Mrs Edwards

ps - we are still walking to Australia - we've now covered approximately 1500 KM - so there's still quite a way to go!

Braeside 2017

Braeside 2017 1

Day 2 Food For Thought- plan lunch then buy it at the market


Campfire 1
Campfire 2
Campfire 3
Campfire 4

Friday at Braeside

Friday at Braeside 1
Friday at Braeside 2
Friday at Braeside 3
Friday at Braeside 4
Friday at Braeside 5
Friday at Braeside 6
Friday at Braeside 7
Friday at Braeside 8
Friday at Braeside 9
Friday at Braeside 10
Friday at Braeside 11
Friday at Braeside 12
Friday at Braeside 13
Friday at Braeside 14

Welcome to Housemartins!

We hope you have all  had  great holiday.

 Mrs Larcombe and I have been really impressed with the way that Housemartins have settled back in. Our first topic is called Kangaroos and Didgeridoos and is inspired by the book "Because of Jackson" by Dick King-Smith.  This is a great story about two ambitious rabbits who follow their dreams to travel to a distant land, Australia.We will be learning a lot about Australia and Aboriginal Culture as well as reading stories by Dick King-Smith, a significant children's author. We have planned lots of exciting learning activities around our topic and the children are really fired up. We have set ourselves a challenge too, to walk to Australia! So far, we have covered just under 1000km! 

Please see topic web and curriculum letter below for further details about our topic and learning. Also, there is a home learning letter, suggesting ways  that parents might like to help support learning.

Some ideas listed include making your own didgeridoo or boomerang.



Please see home learning letter for more suggestions. 


This term, too, year 4s have all the excitement of going to Braeside.  This is an amazing trip and we are all looking forward to the residential visit. 

best regards 

Mrs A Sager and Mrs S Larcombe