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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I report my child’s absence?

You may report your child’s absence on the telephone, where we have a direct inbox or if you are dropping off a sibling you could report an absence directly to the School Office. If your child requires a routine appointment (e.g. with a doctor, dentist or optician) we would expect this to be taken outside of school hours.  We do understand that on occasions your child may need an emergency appointment and will need to be collected from school during the day.  On these occasions we would ask you to inform the office and the class teacher when you bring your child in that morning. In respect of future hospital appointments which cannot be rearranged out of school hours, please can we ask that you bring a copy of the appointment letter for our records.


  • Which medicines can you administer?

We can only administer medicines which are prescribed for a specific illness where the dosage instructions ask for 4 times per day. We do not administer medication that is prescribed 3 times per day and we are also unable to administer eye drops or creams. Parents are more than welcome to come in at lunch times to administer such medications.


  • How can I make payments to the school?

Payments can be paid in to the School Office or using the secure post-box which is located in the foyer.  The school currently accepts payments by cash or cheque. All payments should be in a clearly labelled envelope which includes your child’s name, class, amount enclosed and what the payment is for.  If paying by cheque we require separate cheques for each item as these are posted into different accounts and cannot be split.  Envelopes are always available in the foyer for parents to use.


  • How far in advance do I need to book Breakfast and Afterschool Enrichment Clubs?

Breakfast and Afterschool Enrichment Clubs are becoming ever more popular. We recommend that you complete a booking form as soon as booking opens for each term if this is something that you require due to work commitments etc.  Booking for the clubs opens a term in advance, for example places for terms 3 & 4 (January –March) will be available to book from term 2 (after the October half term).  Bookings can also be made online, when your child has been set up on the system a code will be issued for future online bookings.


  • What clubs are available after school and how often can we sign up for them?

Clubs are available at the start of each long term (e.g. September, December and April).  Forms come home the term before to request spaces for these clubs.  Places will be issued on a first come, first served.  There are some clubs which run all year round, for example Superstars Football and gym club. Other clubs are run based on the time of year. These clubs include TAG rugby, cricket, cross country, netball, rounders, construction club and cookery club.


  • What will happen if I wish to take my child out of school during the term time?

Taking your child out of school during term time may harm your child’s academic progress. 


Absences due to holiday in term time or other family reasons may only be authorised at the discretion of the Headteacher in EXCEPTIONAL circumstances. Therefore please be certain to provide details of the exceptional circumstances relating to your application below and attach any supporting evidence.


Please be aware that Penalty Notices for unauthorised leave of absence during term time will now be automatically requested from the local authority when unauthorised absences of 10 or more sessions (5 school days) are taken in any six month period in the academic year.